Players work on shooting form.

Drill Setup

  • Players pair up and line up across from each other on different sides of the lane.
  • One player of each pair has a basketball.
Players line up across from each other along the lane.

How it Works

Load position, before release
  1. Player with the ball starts by holding it out front on one hand.
  2. He then locks and loads into shooting position, putting the ball into the shooting pocket. The off hand stays off the ball.
  3. The player then shoots for the stars. He goes through his shooting motion and shoots a high, soft shot, letting the ball go out in front of him.
  4. Player holds follow-through until ball hits the court.
  5. The opposite player grabs the ball and then goes through the above steps.
  6. Once they get the hang of it, each player grabs their own ball. Set up 3-5 feet from the basket and take one-handed form shots at the basket.
  7. If a player makes 3 consecutive shots, he takes a step back. Repeat until the player reaches the free throw line.

Coaching Tips

  • Younger players should be practicing this drill with a smaller size ball and lower nets appropriate for their age group
  • The shot’s power should be coming primarily from the legs. Players should not need to hoist it up using a chest-push or throw it from the shoulder.
  • Wrist should be bent back in the load position so the ball is on a pedestal.
  • Players should be extending their shooting arm up and forming a parachute on the follow through.