Rebounding is a two-handed, two-footed job. To rebound, you have to land in a quick stop, go up with your arms, and come back down in a two hand and two footed rebound.

The thing to remember in rebounding is:

“You go up tall and small, and you come down big and wide”

So you are going to jump as high as you can off of two feet, with two hands up. And you come down in a wide stance with the ball secure. In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a Quick Stop Rebounding Drill that will allows your players to gain strength, agility and height on their rebounds.

A Quick Stop Rebounding Drill

  • Begin in triple threat and on the coaches “go” command, the player will run out to the free throw line, and proceed to quickstop, go up tall & small, and come down big and wide.
  • Be sure to chin the ball as you come back down. This is the best way to protect the ball. You’re going to put the ball under your chin, with your fingers up amd your elbows out.

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