Players learn the footwork to perform a rear turn (reverse pivot)

Drill Setup

  • Players form two lines – one on each side of the lane.

How it Works

  1. Coach says, “Ready.”
  2. Players get into Triple Threat Position.
  3. Coach says, “Go.”
  4. Players execute a crossover drive and run to the free throw line.
  5. At free throw line, the player executes two rear turns in succession.
  6. Player then runs to halfcourt.
  7. When all players reach halfcourt, players turn and run the drill back to the baseline.

Coaching Tips

  • A front turn leads with the toes, while a rear turn leads with the heel
  • Player should stay low and level on the turn. He shouldn’t raise up.
  • Player should lift heel on pivot foot and rotate on the balls of his feet.
  • Throw a quick, tight elbow back with opposite hand to generate momentum for the turn.