When it comes to rebounding, while height and jumping ability can be a large advantage, 90% rebounding

Basketball Practice Plans
Circle The Wagons, Frame 1

comes down to heart and desire – and the drills you run in practice should reflect this.

Creating a high intensity, competitive environment in your rebounding drills is a surefire way to get great results.

And while your players might not be excited to hear it, adding a conditioning aspect to the drill is key as it represents a more game like situation.

Circle The Wagons Drill

This is a great drill to run at the beginning of the year, when you’re still trying to get your kids in shape.

Basketball Coaching Drills
Circle The Wagons, Frame 2

Start off down at one end with five players lined up around the arc, and five more inside the paint. You, or one of your assistants, will be lined up on the arc as well, with a ball in hand.

On your go, the players in the paint will start to ‘circle the wagons’, meaning run in a circle around each other. Then, when you shoot the ball, they will immediately breakout to the closest man, boxing them out.

From here you have two options. If you want to run this drill in the halfcourt, simply get the rebounder to pass you the ball and circle the wagons again. But if you want to incorporate some transition offense and defense into the drill, have them push the ball on the rebound and try to score on the break.

After they shoot, put the offense back around the arc and the defense back in the paint circling the wagons, and send them back down the other way!

Basketball Coaching
Circle The Wagons, Frame 3

Coaching Tips

  • Giving a reward for offensive rebounds will prevent players from just going through the motions, and keep the drill competitive
  • If you have a secondary break that you want your team to run, this is a great drill to give them a chance to practice in a controlled live environment


If you’re looking for a couple more ways to help your team dominate the boards, these other great rebounding drills are something you’re definitely going to want to take a look at!