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Looking for more great basketball drills for kids?“  Then check out these excellent drills that your kids are sure to love!

Blind Man’s Drills

These silly basketball drills require enough blindfolds for half the players on the team. Players will practice basketball skills while wearing the blindfolds, always with another player guiding them and acting as their “eyes.” Players will learn to rely on other senses, especially touch, and to trust and communicate with their teammates.

Here are a few games kids can play with the blindfolds:

Blindfold Relays – For this game, divide the players into groups and have them line up on one end of the court. The first player in line will wear the blindfold and the second player will be their guide.

The first player has to dribble to the end of the court while staying in their lane. The second player has to steer the first player using voice commands, not touching. Once they reach the end of the court, the players will switch roles and return to their team.

Blindfold Shooting – This game has players practice their shot while wearing the blindfold. Players pair up and choose a spot. The first player looks at the basket and then puts on the blindfold.

He then attempts to make the shot. The second player goes after the ball and gives tips to the first player until he makes a basket. Then the players switch roles and practice shooting from different locations.

During these games, coaches should make sure players stay a safe distance away from each other and are not cheating by taking off or moving their blindfolds.


Red Light/Green Light

This wacky basketball game builds on the traditional children’s game, only players dribble the ball while running. The game starts with the players lined up on one side of the court, each with a ball.

The coach stands in the middle of the court and calls out signals for the players:

  • When the coach yells “green light,” the players dribble forward.
  • When he yells “red light,” the players stop.
  • At “yellow light,” the players dribble to the left.
  • At “blue light,” they dribble to the right.
  • At “orange light, they dribble backwards.

Players who do not correctly follow the commands are out of the game. The first player to the other side of the gym wins.

red light green light

Coaches can make this game as simple or as complicated as they want by adjusting the number of colors. Beginning players should probably start with just red light and green light.


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