In today’s blog post, we are talking about a great shooting drill that will help your athletes work on getting a lot of shots from different ranges, and it’s a game you can easily fit into your practice plan, because it goes pretty fast. It also gets pretty competitive!“  It’s called the 50 Point Game.

Shooting Drill: The 50 Point Game

To play this game, you first need to partner up. It’s a great game to get everybody working together, as it emphasizes the importance of passing. In this game, the partners are responsible for each other.

  • The sets of partners are going to be playing together on the court at the same time.
  • Start the drill with the first player shooting a 3. As soon as you make your first 3, you’re going to go one dribble right.
  • If you make your first two, it’s 5. You’re up to 5. Then you’re going to come back and you’re going to shoot a 3 from a different spot. If you missed it, you’re at 5; you made it, you’re at 8. Whether you miss it or make it, you’re then going to catch the ball and you’re going to go one hard dribble to the left. And you’re going to go up and shoot the ball.
  • Then you’re going to step back to another angle and shoot a 3. So after the initial 3, it’s 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 2. You never shoot the same shot twice. Encourage your teammate and count out his score.
  • You can’t move on until you’ve made your first 3. So you’ve got to be down low ready to shoot.
  • You can use any side of the floor that you want. You don’t have to stay on the right or the left. But because there are many sets of partners practicing at the same time, balls are going to be going everywhere. Remember, you’re just responsible for your partner. You’re competing with each other.
  • Sometimes you might want to turn it around. And sometimes you might play to 100. So the first group to 50, or first guy to 50 then would turn around with his partner and play it and we’d try to get another 50.


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