Knowing how to handle the ball is not just the job of the point guard. To run a smooth offense, every player (from 1 to 5) has to be a proficient dribbler. And that requires some serious practice time spent on ball handling!

The Sidewinder is an excellent dribbling drill that gives your players an opportunity to focus on the skills necessary to shift the ball from the opponents area of access.


With each player dribbling a ball, they will travel in a straight line halfway up the court while performing various dribbling techniques that focus on how to move the ball securely out of the opponents area of access.


1.  The first drill sequence focuses on dribbling between the legs and exploding away from their opponent. The player will travel halfway down the court, and then turn back, repeating the same sequence and focusing on secure ball handling.

2.  The second drill sequence focuses on one dribble behind the back and then one dribble out in front. Alternate between the two as you head down to half court, and then turn and return, repeating the same sequence.

3.  The third variation focuses on two dribbles with the same hand and then grabble behind the back. Repeat this sequence down to half court, and then turn and repeat the sequence.

4.  The final sequence in this drill is the Angle Dribble, in which the players will focus on two dribbles and then make a 360 degree turn, changing the dribbling hand at the end of the turn.

Video Demonstration


You should work on this drill in every practice, performing two repetitions on each side, for a total of approximately 12 minutes of dribbling and ball handling drill practice time.

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