In this drill, we give players a chance to get a high number of reps in a short time, working exclusively on passes that are used frequently in half court offense. It covers some critical fundamentals that every kid on your team needs to master:

  • V-cuts
  • Triple threat position
  • Pivoting
  • Post entry
  • Post moves

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  • You’ll need three players for this drill, set up on one side of the half court.
  • They will stay on one side, so you can run two groups at the same time (one on the left side and one on the right)
  • Set up one player at the top of the key, one on the wing, and one on the low post (see diagram below)



  1. The player up top will start with the basketball.
  2. Next, the wing player will v-cut to get open, and then square up to the hoop in triple threat on the catch.
  3. The player in the post will establish position and give a hand target, which the wing player will hit with the pass.
  4. The post will then reverse pivot so that they can see the entire floor, and then hit the guard up at the top of the key with the skip pass.
  5. Pass ball around the horn in that same pattern three times, then have the post player finish with a drop step and power layup.
  6. After each circuit, rotate the players from the guard to the wing, wing to the post, and post to the top of the key (or rotate a new players in from the top of the key).



  • Try starting the ball at the wing, with the player up top making the V-Cut to get open.
  • The post can then simulate sealing his defender outside of the lane, showing a high inside target, and receiving a soft lob pass from the top of the key.
  • You can also work on different using an L-Cut instead of a V-Cut to get open
  • Also try initiating the offense with a wing to post screen and having the post pop out to receive the first pass.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure players are doing this drill at game speed, protecting the ball and putting some zip on their passes when necessary.
  • On each catch, the player should first establish themselves as a threat to score, only making the pass after they see they don’t have the opportunity.

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