Spread & Spacing and the “Long & Low” Triple Threat Drill

Spacing is a very big part of offense. You want players to learn to spread and space on the court. The ball is a magnet for younger players, so you need to start teaching them spreading and spacing early, and one way you can do this by using the court so the players get used to and become familiar with it. The court is your basketball home. Know your basketball home.

The free throw lane is 12 feet wide and 19 feet long. Teach your players to use this as a guide, and then teach them to spread and space 12 to 15 feet.

Begin each practice with some basic footwork fundamentals, such as Quick Starts and Quick Stops from the line. Have players use the direct drive or crossover drive, and they can get used to starting with the ball and not worrying so much about the ball.

In Triple Threat, it’s important you teach players the concept of “Front foot first” from the beginning. This is your permanent pivot foot – for a right handed player, the left foot is the pivot, and for a left handed player, the right foot is the pivot.

Breaking Down The “Long & Low” Triple Threat Drill:

– Line up your players along the baseline in 4 equal lines (without the balls to begin).
– From the Triple Threat position, and for a left hander front foot first direct drive is a long and low step with the left foot. (For a right hander, it’s a long and low step with the right foot.)
– Quick Stop and then return to the back of the line.
– The next player in line has to wait until the player ahead of him is 12-15 feet out before he begins, again teaching spread and spacing awareness to your players.


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