Players learn defensive footwork fundamentals.

Drill Setup

  • Set up two lines on the baseline.
  • The first player in each line stands on the block in a defensive stance, facing the baseline
Start in a defensive stance facing the baseline


How it Works

Step and Slide to the sideline for 3-4 steps
  1. Coach says, “Go.”
  2. Players step and slide, zigzagging from the baseline to halfcourt. Step with front foot and slide the back foot.
  3. When first group reaches the free throw line, the next group goes.
  4. When all players reach halfcourt, players turn and step and slide back to the baseline.
  5. Next, run the drill with partners. One will be on offense. He will start in Triple Threat Position and then dribble an imaginary ball. The other will be on defense and will guard the offensive player using the step and slide technique.
  6. The players will zigzag to halfcourt. Once all players reach halfcourt, they will switch positions and zigzag back to the baseline.
  7. In the third version of this drill, the offensive player is given a basketball and he dribbles while being guarded to halfcourt.
Change direction and slide back to the middle. Repeat in a Zig-Zag pattern

Coaching Tips

  • Stress “step and slide, low and wide.” Players should be pointing the outside step foot toward the direction they are going.
  • Make sure players don’t cross their feet or “bunny hop.”
  • Players heads should be level.
  • When doing the partner version of the drill stress to the defender “ball, you, basket.” Defender must always stay between the ball and the basket.