Working on passing before coming to a jumpstop

Drill Setup

  • Players form 2 lines at lane line and baseline
  • First player in each line has a ball

How it Works

  1. Players start in triple threat, then drive to elbow and come to a jumpstop
  2. Player then pivots, and makes a firm chest pass to next player in line
  3. Player holds follow through on pass, then goes around to the back of the line as the drill continues with the next player

Coaching Tips

  1. Emphasize the importance of stepping through to pass and holding the follow through
  2. To add variety, have players work on pivoting of either foot, and work on both front and reverse pivots
  3. Don’t forget to work on a variety of passes: chest passes, bounce passes, flick passes, overhead passes, wraparound passes, post entry passes – make sure you mix it up!