In today’s video blog, we are sharing some great Half Court Basketball Defense Secrets! From getting your basketball defense set and keeping pressure on the ball, to stopping penetration and always challenging shots – it’s all covered right here! So let’s get started!

Keys for Basketball Defense

  1. Get Your Defense Set – this is the number one thing. I want to use the game as a chance to possibly win by 10 or 15 points. Playing up tempo creates that for you. So getting your defense set is a key – make sure your guys are getting back.
  2. Ball Pressure – keep pressure on the basketball. Even if you play a sagging defense, when you’re guarding the ball, put pressure on it. Because if you don’t, you’re going to see the ball getting thrown into the post, you’re going to see guys cutting, and the ball getting to those guys.You’re going to see openings that sometimes don’t exist. If you are guarding a motion team , one of the best ways you can defend a motion team is to put pressure on the ball.
  3. Stop Penetration – Containment and stopping penetration are keys. There are dribble penetrations and passing penetrations, we don’t want to let guys cut in front of our face or get into rebounding position by cutting in front of us.
  4. Always Challenge Shots – Getting a hand up on the shot, and just making the guy a little more hurried, that’s going to help your defensive field goal percentage.
  5. Finish Defensive Possession with Rebounds – You can so everything right, but if they miss the shot and throw it back up for a layout, it’s all for naught.


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