Although it looks like a simple trick, dribbling between your legs can help you keep the ball out of a defender’s grasp.

Two Ball Around The Leg Basketball Dribbling Drill

How it Works

  1. Start off a couple feet behind the arc, and take a dribble up towards the arc.
  2. Crossover from the left to the right hand.
  3. Explode out of the crossover with one dribble.  Take one more dribble, closing in on the hoop.
  4. Pull up from 8-12 feet.
  5. Grab the rebound, run out to the wing, and repeat.  Continue until you’ve made 5 jumpshots from each side of the court.

Coaching Tips

  • Keep the crossover low.
  • Come to a jumpstop before pulling up – stay balanced, no fadeaways!
  • When driving the baseline, use the glass.