During the above video, you’ll learn about some important points of emphasis to bring up with your youth basketball defensive players.

Here are the main points covered:

1. Your players need to understand why you press. You don’t necessary press every time to get steals; the main reason you press is to create tempo in the game.
2. It doesn’t take but one person to ruin the press. No one can be lazy!
3. Communication is very important. Your players have to communicate and talk.
4. You never steal the ball in the trap; you always steal the ball out of the trap.
5. Always have your hands on the basketball. You always want to be tracing the basketball with both hands in the air.
6. You always sprint out of traps but approach traps with caution. This is because timing is very important.
7. It’s very important that you always move with the flight of the basketball. Always move when the ball’s in the air!
8. Never leave the hull. This is specifically aimed at the back man.
9. You must finish the press. The press is not finished until you rebound the basketball and secure it to go the other way.

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