During today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss two great drills for full court passing, ballhandling, shooting, and offensive decision making.

3-man weave shooting youth basketball drill
3-Man Weave Shooting

3-Man Weave Shooting

Most of you coaches and players have most likely run 3-man weaves and lay-up drills. We’re going to try to add a couple of more shots in this drill and make it a little more competitive, try to get more out of it.

Get your players in their 3-man weave groups. Let’s walk through the 3-man weave now. We’re just going to pass and go behind our man.

You’ve got your first shot. The first man catches, shoots his lay-up, and get his own rebound.

The other person who comes over off to the left side is going to get a pass from the coach for a jump shot, like he’s coming off a screen, catching the shot over in the corner.

The other man who passed to him for shooting the lay-up is going to run as hard as he can to the sideline, touch, and come back in. Now the man who shot the lay-up is going to get his rebound and pass it back to the man coming in for a lay-up.

So you’re getting a number one lay-up, you’re getting a jump shot, and then you’re getting another two-foot power lay-up as the other guy’s coming in for the short pass and the lay-up from the man who shot the original lay-up.

With this youth basketball drill, you get your rebound, get off the floor, get a lot of movement. You get some shots in. It looks sharp. Your players look prepared before the game.

youth basketball drill diagram
3-Man Weave Shooting with Defense

3-Man Weave Shooting with Defense

Sticking with the 3-man weave, we’ll add a little more action. We’ll add some defenders working on a good closeout, defending the jump shooter as well as getting our traditional 3-man weave lay-up.

Your one guy is still going to shoot that lay-up just as in any other 3-man weave.

Your other two passers and cutters are going to break out wide as they’re following right in their motions. As soon as they get out there, the two people underneath the basket with the basketball are going to throw it out and work on a good closeout.

The shooters are going to shoot their shot and get their own rebound. And they’re going to quickly hustle underneath the basket.

If you have more players than we have here today, you can have extra players underneath the basket ready to go to keep the drill moving a little faster.

The shooter’s going to shoot the lay-up, he’s going to get his own rebound, and get off the floor. The two shooters are going to get their rebounds and get underneath the basket again. The defenders are going to close out. They’re not going to fly by on defense. And they’re going to run to the outsides after they’re done.

With this youth basketball drill, you’re getting three shots here quickly. You’re getting a lot of passing, a lot of cutting. You’re going to lay-up in it, two jumpers, in a relatively short period of time.

It’s a good warm-up drill. All of your warm-up drills should have a lot of movement, a lot of shots, a lot of passes, a lot of cutting. You should be trying to take the most efficient use of your time.

As you know from your past history, a lot of your pregame drills are just lay-ups, wide open shots. Really not game-like. Here you’re getting some game-like action with a pass and a guy closing out on you to shoot. So we’re really trying to simulate a game activity here and this is a great drill to get your players ready shooting against pressure defense of someone coming out.

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