This is not a new drill but a good one.  It is in my “oldies but goldies” file.  My middle school players love it the best out of most of the drills, to the point if I do not use it in a practice, they want to stay after to do it.

3 on 2 then 2 on 1 Drill
Set up – One ball
3 players at one base line spread out across the court
2 players at other end of court (one behind the other), one at top of key the other in the paint.

3 players take the ball down middle player dribbles until challenged.
Focus on head fakes etc, then a traditional 3 on 2 format
Defense, top player challenges ball handler, second player takes first pass.
Both defend until shot or turn over.

Once a shot is taken the player that takes the shot runs back and becomes the defender on a 2 on 1 drill.

This works well because players are not standing around and learning different formats for uneven situations.

It is run quickly, when you are in the 3/2 drill a shot or turn over or bad pass is the end then run back to the 2 on 1 drill.