basketball drills for reboundingRebounding is a very important part of being a successful basketball player, and with these youth basketball drills, your players will be able to improve their rebounding skills. If you really want to work on your players’ rebounding, it’s best to spend a minimum of twenty minutes each practice on rebounding.

Warming Up Before Jumping into Youth Basketball Drills

First, have your players stand on the line at one end of the court. The idea is for all your players to, all at the same time, sprint to one end of the court and back a total of five times. Pick one player to be the “leader” during this warm-up exercise. The rest of the players should focus on staying in line with this “lead” player throughout the duration of the warm-up.

Two-Handed Rebounds Youth Basketball Drill

Have your players stand in a line at about the three-point line, with the first person in line holding the ball. Their goal is to throw the ball off the backboard and then grab it with two hands. As elementary as it sounds, your team should do everything with two hands except for shooting.

The“  main focus is ensuring that your players are grabbing the ball with two hands, but you should also double-check that they’re coming down with a nice, wide base–with the feet farther apart than shoulder-width.

Do this drill for two minutes, working on two-handed rebounds.

Over the Back Youth Basketball Drill

Next is the over the back rebounding drill. Your players should still be standing in that line near the three-point line. The first person in line has the ball, and the second person in line should try to go over the first player’s back. Remind your players not to foul–but to get pretty darned close to it. That second person should try to go over the first person’s back and get this ball.

“ 3-on-0 Rebounding Drill

This is a drill that’s done with three players at a time. You, the coach, should shoot the ball from a random spot on the court (without making it in), and then the three players will go after the ball on the rebound.

Remind your players to do the following during this drill:

  • Keep a wide base
  • Read the fly of the ball
  • Keep your hands up

The ultimate goal of this drill is for your players to come up with as many rebounds as possible in thirty seconds.

The minute that one of your three players gets that ball, it becomes a 2-on-1 drill, with the two other players doing all they can to get that ball. If that one player with the ball thinks he or she can power over the other two players and score, then he or she should shoot the ball! On the other hand, if a good shot doesn’t present itself, then you (the coach) will call for the ball and start the drill over.

Stop the drill and start it over if you notice any of your players doing one-handed rebounds, and be sure to move around when shooting the ball and starting out the drill every time.

Continue the drill, switching out the group of three players, until your whole team has a chance to do the drill.

These are a just a few youth basketball drills that will help your players work on their rebounding skills. What types of drills do you run with your players to work on rebounding?