Up and Under (Inside)

Purpose Players learn to perform a proper pump fake on a defender How it Works Start down on the left block, chinning the ball in a low, strong stance. Pivot inside with

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North South Dribble Basketball Ballhandling Drill

North/South Dribble

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners. How it Works Start with your feet straddled, right foot forward. Dribble ball front to back by your side. Control and dribble the

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Pretzel Walk Drill

Purpose Players learn to pass the ball through their legs while moving on the court. How it Works Start at the baseline with the ball in your right hand. Step forward with

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lightning basketball shooting drill

Lightning Shooting Drill

Purpose This drill practices quick shooting skills in a competitive fun drill. How it Works Players form a line at free throw line, with the first two players starting with a ball.

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Quick Stop Rebounding Drill

Purpose Helps players perfect proper rebounding footwork. Drill Setup Players form two lines – one on each side of the lane. How it Works 1. Coach says, “Ready.” 2. First player in each line gets

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Corkscrew Ballhandling Drill

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners. Drill Setup Start holding the ball with two hands at about ankle length How it Works Start wrapping the ball around your ankles, then

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Cone Dribbling Drill

Purpose In this drill, players dribble as they change speed and direction. Drill Setup Set up 5-10 cones in a line roughly one large stride apart. How it Works Beginning at one end,

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Two Hand Bounce Catch Drill

Purpose This drill will help with your hand-eye coordination. How it Works Start with the ball in front of you, holding it with two hands. Drop the ball and quickly switch the position of

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Hesitation, Go and Pull Up

Purpose Players work on starting from and pulling up from a variety of spots on the floor in this intermediate dribbling moves drill. How it Works Begin behind the arc, taking a

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Layup Footwork Drill (No Ball)

Purpose Learn the footwork and mechanics for shooting a layup. Drill Setup Set up two lines behind the baseline. How it Works   Start in triple threat position with no ball Right Hand Layup:

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Wave Drill

Purpose This drill focuses on mid-range shooting, passing, and shooting under pressure. How it Works Players form two lines at the free throw line & baseline, with the first player in each

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maravich series basketball dribbling series

Maravich Series

Purpose This drill emphasizes ball handling and dribbling using the figure 8, front flip and spider dribble. How it Works Each player will start with a basketball, which they will start by slapping

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Beat the Pro Basketball Shooting Drill

Beat the Pro Drill

Purpose This shooting drill focuses on performing under pressure.  The goal is for the player to beat an imaginary opponent. How it Works Player will start on the court with a basketball.

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Pump Jab and Shoot Triple Threat Basketball Drill

Pump, Jab & Shoot

Purpose This advanced triple threat drill works from a variety of spots on the floor. How it Works Starting on the right wing, pump fake out of the triple threat. Jab step

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