elbow layups basketball shooting drill

Elbow Layups

Elbow LayupsPurposeThis is a good intermediate shooting and layup drill.How It Works1.  Begin at the right elbow, holding a basketball.2.  Explode forward, pushing the ball out ahead of you toward the rim.3.  Finish

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lightning basketball shooting drill

Lightning Shooting Drill

Purpose This drill practices quick shooting skills in a competitive fun drill. How it Works Players form a line at free throw line, with the first two players starting with a ball.

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Online Basketball Drills

Olympic Shooting

Purpose Being able to measure improvement over the course of the season can be difficult in some drills, but not so in Olympic shooting. This is a great transition drill that

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Rhythm Shooting

Purpose Improving footwork and practicing shooting off the catch Drill Setup Have players grab a ball & split into 3 lines: one at the top of the arc, and one on each

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fun basketball drills 6

Relay Basketball Drills for Kids

Looking for more great basketball drills for kids?“  Then check out these excellent drills that your kids are sure to love! Blind Man’s Drills These silly basketball drills require enough blindfolds for

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