Box Out Basketball Drill

Boxout Drill

Boxing out is a way to block an opposing player with your body to prevent them from getting a rebound. This is a great drill that focuses on boxing out and hustling.

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Two Ball Around The Leg Basketball Dribbling Drill

Two Ball Around The Leg

Although it looks like a simple trick, dribbling between your legs can help you keep the ball out of a defender’s grasp. This drill teaches your players how to perfect this valuable skill!

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Spin and Go Basketball Dribbling Drill

Spin and Go

This is a great dribbling drill that works on dribbling while spinning the body, and finishing with both hands. It can be a good idea to work on finishing with the right hand on the left side and left hand on the right side - to keep prospective shotblockers on their toes when you attack the hoop!

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Jab and Shoot Basketball Triple Threat Drill

Jab and Shoot

The basketball jab step can be a devastating basketball move out of the triple threat position. You want to be sure to sell the jab - it should look the same through the jab whether you are going to the hoop or faking.

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Reminder Slides Basketball Defensive Drill

Reminder Slides

Even a player with great footwork needs a reminder every once in a while, otherwise they’ll get sloppy. That’s the goal of this drill –to work on footwork in a safe environment where there is no concern of an offensive player taking advantage.

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Head To Toes Basketball Dribbling Drill

Head To Toes

This drill will train players to maintain a controlled power dribble at all heights. For a more difficult version, do the same exercise with two balls at the same time!

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Around The Head Ball Wraps

This drill will give you a feel for the basketball and help you become more comfortable in your ball handling. A good hand speed and coordination drill, it's also a great conditioner for your arms.

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Pendulum Basketball Dribbling Drill

Pendulum Drill

This is a very advanced dribbling drill that will take some time to master! The motion of this drill is similar to the motion of a clock pendulum.

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Through The Legs and Go

Through The Legs & Go

Players learn to dribble through the legs and go to the basket for the shot in this drill. Experiment with change of pace, using different speeds to maximize the effectiveness of the crossover.

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