Pump Jab and Shoot Triple Threat Basketball Drill

Pump, Jab & Shoot

Purpose This advanced triple threat drill works from a variety of spots on the floor. How it Works Starting on the right wing, pump fake out of the triple threat. Jab step

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North South Dribble Basketball Ballhandling Drill

North/South Dribble

Purpose This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners. How it Works Start with your feet straddled, right foot forward. Dribble ball front to back by your side. Control and dribble the

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Inside Out and Go Basketball Dribbling Drill

Inside, Out & Go

Purpose This is a good intermediate dribble move drill. How it Works Starting a couple feet behind the arc, take a dribble forward with your right hand. Perform an inside out dribble

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elbow layups basketball shooting drill

Elbow Layups

Purpose This is a good intermediate shooting and layup drill. How it Works Begin at the right elbow, holding a basketball. Explode forward, pushing the ball out ahead of you toward the

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Slams and Figure 8s Basketball Cinditioning Drill

Slams and Figure 8s

Purpose This is a good basketball conditioning drill that focuses on total body strength, especially on your core. How it Works Slams – reach up over your body and slam the medicine

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Shot Builder Basketball Shooting Drill

Shot Builder

Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on form shooting. How it Works Have players break off into groups of 3-4, and go stand directly in front of a hoop. With

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Box Out Basketball Drill

Boxout Drill

Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on boxing out and hustling. How it Works Players will spread out, and partner up along the arc – 1 player on offense, 1

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Purpose This is a great drill that focuses on building dribbling stamina and agility. How it Works Players form 3 lines at free throw line extended, coach places 3 corresponding cones at

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Two Ball Around The Leg Basketball Dribbling Drill

Two Ball Around The Leg

Purpose Although it looks like a simple trick, dribbling between your legs can help you keep the ball out of a defender’s grasp. How it Works Start off a couple feet behind

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Crossover Go and Pull Up Basketball Dribbling Drill

Crossover, Go and Pull Up

Purpose This is a great intermediate dribbling drill that focuses on the crossover and rebounding with explosion. How it Works Start off a couple feet behind the arc, and take a dribble

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Spin and Go Basketball Dribbling Drill

Spin and Go

Purpose This is a great dribbling drill that works on dribbling while spinning the body, and finishing with both hands. How it Works Start out with the left wing, and take a

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Jab and Shoot Basketball Triple Threat Drill

Jab and Shoot

Purpose The basketball jab step can be a devastating basketball move out of the triple threat position. How it Works Starting from the triple threat, jab step at the hoop with your

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Reminder Slides Basketball Defensive Drill

Reminder Slides

Purpose Even a player with great footwork needs a reminder every once in a while, otherwise they’ll get sloppy. That’s the goal of this drill –to work on footwork in a

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Up and Under Baseline Basketball Post Drill

Up and Under (Baseline)

Purpose This drill will allow players to experiment with different finished - jump hooks, power layups and finger rolls to name a few. How it Works Start down on the left block,

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Head To Toes Basketball Dribbling Drill

Head To Toes

Purpose This drill will train players to maintain a controlled power dribble at all heights. How it Works Standing feet shoulder width apart, begin by dribbling 5 times, low and compact with

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