Up and Under (Inside)

Players learn to perform a proper pump fake on a defender in this ballhandling drill. Don't just step forward after the fake - imagine a defender jumping on the pump fake and step around him as you would in a game situation!

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North South Dribble Basketball Ballhandling Drill

North/South Dribble

This is a great ballhandling drill for beginners and advanced players! For advanced ballhandlers, try standing feet shoulder width apart and using two balls at the same time.

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Pretzel Walk Drill

Players learn to pass the ball through their legs while moving on the court in this fundamental ballhandling drill. Focus more on handling the ball properly rather than getting to halfcourt and back quickly.

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Triangle Flip Flop Basketball Dribbling Drill

Triangle Flip Flop Drill

The key to improving is to get out of your comfort zone and force your body and mind to adapt. This drill allows you to improve your ballhandling skills, and as you improve, run the drill faster to really challenge your dexterity!

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Two Hand Bounce Catch Drill

Here's a great drill to help with your hand-eye coordination! It teaches to stay low, and keep your feet spread wide, using your fingertips to grip the ball instead of your palms.

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Two Ball Around The Leg Basketball Dribbling Drill

Two Ball Around The Leg

Although it looks like a simple trick, dribbling between your legs can help you keep the ball out of a defender’s grasp. This drill teaches your players how to perfect this valuable skill!

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Head To Toes Basketball Dribbling Drill

Head To Toes

This drill will train players to maintain a controlled power dribble at all heights. For a more difficult version, do the same exercise with two balls at the same time!

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Around The Head Ball Wraps

This drill will give you a feel for the basketball and help you become more comfortable in your ball handling. A good hand speed and coordination drill, it's also a great conditioner for your arms.

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Whip Drill

Players learn to switch hands and whip the ball around the legs while dribbling in this great skill-building drill.

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Quick Draw

This is a great ballhandling drill that focuses on making sure your players are releasing the ball and not loting it upwards to get more time.

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